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An observer of cityscape and seascape

My name is Börje Frykenstam and I am a painter. I was born in Värmland but I grew up in Stockholm. My interest in art awoke early and I have drawn and painted as far back as I can remember. The Konstfack School and private lessons made up my formel education together with many hours of perserverance and hard work. My two favorite motives are Stockholm and Öland.


I have with mixed feelings experienced the city's development from 1950 and onwards. I have many memories of my beautiful city from many streetcar trips, long walks in different areas and from my youth as a delivery boy. Stockholm has given me unforgetable impressions and I do my best to reflect them back in my art.

For me Stockholm is a city rich in contrasts, a city which leaves no one untouched. It is the city of cities - for good and for worse. I have seen how marble palaces and houses of glass and concrete have replaced the old, expressive buildings and erased their history and secrets.

I have also experienced how the city has grown and developed parallel with the extension of the underground railway to different suburbs. A city in constant change. In my painting I wish to remember the old, but at the same time keep an open mind for all the new. I try to catch the scenes, feelings and moods that are important for me.

The sea

I also seek my motives on the island of Öland, a rich and liberating contrast to the cities clamour and concrete. Since the beginning of the 60-ties I have spent my summers on Öland where I find peace and harmony in the sea, sky and the open horizon.

Please feel free to contact me if you wish to know more. I can be found in the Segeltorp area of Stockholm or during the summer, on the island of Öland.

Börje Frykenstam

Quote from the Swedish artist's lexicon

Börje Frykenstam
Painter, b. 1936 in Värmland, Sweden. Studied at Konstfackskolan in Stockholm. Paints city scenes, landscapes, sea and archipelago motives where the outer archipelago is his first love. he pictures it's desolation with warmth and harmony and with great certainty.

Börje Frykenstam
Studio: (nytt) Tranvägen 42 C36, 141 72 Segeltorp, tel 08-711 81 90
Summer studio: Hemskogsvägen 1, 380 74 Löttorp, tel 0485-250 23
e-post    frykenstam@hotmail.com