Room for travellers

is open
all year round


Prices for 2013

Double room, SEK 700:-
Single room, 650:-
3-bed room, 900:-

• Sheets if you don't bring your own, SEK 100:-
• Breakfast if desired, SEK 40:-

Call 0418-720 37 for reservations
International call +46 418 720 37
or send an
e-mail (note -This can take longer!)

Deposit payment on
Swedish plusgiro 3966-9.
Write your address and telephone number and agreed date on the form.

Call us if you have questions

Park and Gallery
open daily
during the summmer.
Other times by appointment.


Konstnärsgården Marielund, St. Ibb, Hven.

Boats depart from Landskrona year round (Time table here) or call Ven-trafiken 0418-473 473. Free parking along the pier south of the boat station.

The trip takes 30 minutes. Then take the bus to Marielund from the harbour.

During the summer boats leave also from Råå harbor, south of Helsingborg and from Copenhagen in Denmark


Konstnärsgården Marielund
S260 13 Sankt Ibb, Sweden, tel +46 418-720 37