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On the island of Ven in the Öresound  

Exhibition buildings seen from the upper hall
Gallery Marielund

This years exhibition
Sculpture and flower garden,
Rooms for travelers,
Painting classes.

Marielund is open all year round
The art exhibition is open
17 Maj to 26 Aug. Other times and special guiding by agreement. Entrance fee 15 sek.

Garden exercise
Painting Classes

Marielund offers painting classes at your own speed

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Classes arranged by the Marielund Art Club; three day courses for small groups or individual instrucstion for one day

Ivar Johnsson's fountain sculpture "Joakim" (1912) Sculpture and flower garden

Has become very popular with visitors. The park is home to hundreds of flowers and bushes, beautiful shade trees and sculptures by well know swedish and foreign artists.
See photos from Hven film festival med Roy Andersson, August 1, 2008
See photos from Hven film festival  med Jan Troell, August 2, 2007

Entrance hall. NOTE! 15:- SEK entrance fee to park and exhibition halls.
Welcome to the exhibition buildings

Each season the art work of Céleste and Stig-Owe Jemseby is displayed here. Artist colleagues are invited to exhibit sculpture and art handicraft in both the exhibition hall and out in the park

Lower hall: Céleste art.
Upper hall: Stig-Owe Jemseby's art.
The great hall

Painting exhibitions and different kinds of arrangement such as concerts, poetry readings and lectures are held here. It is possible to visit the artists summer studio from here.

The Old Horse Stall is now a Café
Café Spiltan
Newly brewed coffee, soft drinks and home made sweet rolls.

Personal and charming rooms
Rooms for travelers
Experience total freedom from trafic sounds and a street light free night sky, Bird song in the spring is magnificent at Marielund. We have a small number of rooms for rent. Tel: +46-418-720 37 or e-mail

Céleste's art        Stig-Owe Jemseby's art

Céleste and Stig Owe Jemseby
Photo: Jesper Löfman
Marielund's peaceful atmosphere makes it a great destination for visitors to Hven. Boats leave from the pier in Landskrona all year round (Schedule) Summer boats go from Råå south of Helsingborg and from Denmark.
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Entrance fee 15 crowns
Members of the Art Klubb free admitance and 10% redection on purchases. Membership. 50:-/år

Visit also
Lilla Marielund
in central Landskrona
especially during Artweek

Gamla Kyrkogatan 14
A few steps north of the City Hall square _ tel. 0418-176 31
Konstnärsgården Marielund
S260 13 Sankt Ibb, Sweden, tel 46(0)418-720 37