Stig-Owe Jemseby
Decoration painting
Facade of Brännborns house - now ICA in Ängelholm

photo: Mats Roslund, NST

Stig-Owe Jemseby's giant decoration piece was installed Thursday the 4th of May 2003 on the northern facade of Stora Brännborns. The painting is 30 meters long, made in smaller units which are fitted to a special framework. Every unit was painted six times on a special panel for outdoor use.

The painting was designed to harmonize with the form of the building and facade colors. Design shapes are inspired by sun, sea and bridges - favorite subjects for Stig-Owe. The painting fills the spot that Rune Brännborn had in mind four years ago when this part of the building complex was built.

Stig-Owe Jemseby worked on the painting in Hjälmsjö
Photo: Ann Thulin

Company president Jan Roth, Stig-Owe Jemseby and Rune Brännborn