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Hedy Jolly-Dahlström
Working as an artist
A few words
about my work

by Hedy Jolly-Dahlström

I hope to convey a feeling of lust for life, with human beings at the center.

The urn is the original form.
Inner inspiration is a necessity when a new work is to be begun. 
When I am drawiing I strive to enter a state where my hand moves on its own and I work with sculpture in a seeking and doubting condition all the way to the concluding moments of the work at hand.
When I have succeded with my work it is the expression that is the important thing for me.

Passing time will give me the answer.

Blue composition
2.1 x 2.1 m, Base in stainless steel. Figures in blue sandstone.
Hedy Jolly-Dahlström
Torngatan 1, 25234 Helsingborg, 042-12 65 32