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Northern Art

My name is Ann Thulin
and my firm is called
Teknik & Teckning

This idea for this website - Northern Art grew out of my own personal interests . . .
graphic design.
As well as gardening and grand children - but I couldn't figure out how to work in the last two.

My background

I received my education at the Konstfack School in Stockholm (graduated 1973) and I have a short stint behind me as en employee of an art gallery - Galleri Moment in Ängelholm. I spent my working years as and architect and interior designer.

When I retired a few years ago it seemed natural to create websites for my artist friends- a job as pleasurable for me as is "hanging" an exhibition which is really great.

I came originally from California (1959) to Sweden so and have always done a lot of translating from english to Swedish and was for a while a member of the Translators Association.

I also enjoy writing and photography and take courses in creative writing and nature photography.

I have four grown sons; one is a journalist, one an architect and two work with computers and websites. Through them I have highly qualified technical advice. My work is done on both a MAC and a PC which gives me the possiblity to check the appearance of a website on both types of machine.

When I understood that many artists just don't have the time or opportunity to do their own websites I decided to create a site for artists.

Would you like to display your art here ?

Entrance "requirments" are flexible. You should be an active artist who wants to show your art to the net public. "Active" means that:

you exhibit your art at galleries or have that as a goal.
you are a member of an artists' organization (not a requirement),
you actually practice your art and produce new works.

Your art should be defined as more towards the painting (or sculpture) direction than illustration, although there is a lot of room for discussion. If I am uncertain I have several advisors that I turn to. I do not try to judge what is "good" and what is "bad" art.

Price and other information is to be found on "this site" Contact me if you want to discuss these points. Do check a couple of the sites already displayed on Konst i Norden.

Check the price, etc under "this site". You can also see som of my own work on http://www.annthulin.se.

Ann Thulin
Helsingborgsvägen 237, S-262 96 Ängelholm, Sweden
Tel and Fax +46 431 222 81, Mobile Europe: 070-570 77 58
website: www.annthulin.se e-mail ann@konstinorden.se
photo site: www.sydbilder.se e-mail ann@sydbilder.se

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