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USA - NY to LA - 2001
This is the entrance to a gym with painted roses around the door. There are all kinds of decorated buildings in LA

This is a picture from about 1948. It was the view from our roof towards the Verdugo Mountains which dominated Glendale where I grew up. A little bit below the peak
and to the right is a big "H" written in lime in honor of my high school. The white
line is a "fire" line. Brush fires are normal here and the line can sometimes be used
to stop a fire from advancing as well as giving the firefighters access.

This is a view of the main street, Brand Boulevard, looking toward the peak above.
They skies are never really clear like they were way back then but you can still
recognize the mountain. And they have made progress getting rid of smog.

The "H" is gone, there are now tall buildings in our two story city center and
I didn't hardly recognize anything at all anywhere. Not that I had expected to.

Here you see Herbert Hoover High School from which I graduated in 1949

This is what it looked like back then. The building above was built on the generous lawn in front of the main building.

It looks like they don't try for palm trees any longer. It used to snow once every 7 years in LA and you had to get up early if you wanted to see it. Perhaps the weather isn't all that great for palm trees now or perhaps the concept is no longer interesting.

After our little trip through Glendale we made the drive to LAX. Los Angeles International Airport which features this structure in it's advertising. I think it might be a restaurant.

We were pretty early which was good because we had trouble finding the way to our rental car firm which was way east of the terminal.

We said good by to our faithful automobile "Virginia" who we called Ginny by this time
, took the bus to the terminal and got into the first line of several we were expected to wait in.

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