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USA - NY to LA - 2001

Yard Sale!

Lars and Ingrid look for bargains. I found some children's books to take home. I have grandchildren whom I will try to help to learn English.




Eating fast food is something we did quite a lot of. On a trip you don't really have time to go into a sitdown restaurant 3 times a day using up at least 4-5 hours every day. When driving we often ate once a day at a sit-down restaurant. Otherwise at one of the many food chains that will be clustered on the edge of every town of any size.

Where there is one McDonalds in Sweden you will find six or seven different types in the US. In many states fast food places and Motels will be listed on a collective sign out on the motor way.

We ate a late dinner at Hooters in Buffalo which happened to be next door to our motel. There are several Hooters in the US - planned for men! Everything from the menu to the help.

You wouldn't believe the noise level all those boys make - not least because of ice hockey and boxing full blast on the many TVs.
We were just two female guests in the place. Most were groups of young men on the "boys night out". Eating "Buffalo Wings", drinking huge beers, shouting their conversation and sitting on bar stools even at the tables. Lots of t-shirts for sale.

The waitress in our photo is hiding her skimpy dress but it wasn't all that shocking.

Niagara Falls

The Falls straddle the border between USA and Canada.

Per taking a picture.

Ingrid and Lars pose with the American Falls in the background just to prove we were there! What an unusual idea!

Horse Shoe Falls with "The Maid of the Mists" carrying the tourists who want to get wet.

Ingrid, Lars and Ann

Driving along Lake Eire the CN Tower in the middle of Toronto is visible a long way off.

A gold shimmering building on the outskirts of central Toronto - The Royal Bank Tower on Bay Street.

© Ann Thulin © Lars Thulin,
© Per Thulin, © Ingrid Hansson
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