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USA - NY to LA - 2001

Downtown Toronto

We parked Virginia in the middle of Toronto's central shopping district and walked around looking for a special building - BCC Place - and a good lunch.

Ingrid checks out a touch screen situated on the street.

BCC Place - a walkway between existing buildings with a little square at the end called Heritage Square. Definitely the most beautiful glass building I have ever seen and I have seen many. Even designed a few greenhouses myself.

Designed by Santiago Callatrava - a Spanish Architect worth studying. His construction forms are based on the human body but more as an artistic form than an engineering formula.
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Callatrava is still a relatively young man but he widely recognized as one of the very best. He has more honorary Doctor's hats than I cared to count - Including one from Lund's University here in Scania.

Most interesting perhaps is to take a look at Callatravas own website where you can see practically all of his work. He also designs furniture and sculptures and he built his early reputation by building beautiful bridges.

You can also read about him here on the website of the Milwaukee Art Museum where he has recently completed a new addition.

Milwaukee Art Museum on Lake Michigan

I borrowed this photo from Calatravas website to show how beautiful a bridge can be. This is the design for a motorway bridge at the border between Switzerland and France.



Borrowed photo from the Milwaukee Art Museum site.

This Calatrava design (Photo from his website) shows an Olympic Stadium to be built in Hammarby (Stockholm) if the Olympics should ever take place here.

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© Per Thulin, © Ingrid Hansson
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