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USA - NY to LA - 2001

Driving through the desert means that you drive through big chunks of native American land. Most of it not exactly the most arable land in the US. Just in this area most homes had a kind of an igloo for sweat bathing. Swedes often have one too - except nowadays their "bastu" is in the house and the heat is electric. But if you live in the country it will be in a separate little house.

The highway followed the Colorado River which you can no longer see because it is down in a canyon. Here it is called the Little Grand Canyon.

We finally entered the park and went out on one of the lookout points.

The Grand Canyon of the Colorado

There is a whole row of lookout points. Each with a name and a well planned terrace with protective fencing.

There were lots of people just standing in awe.

And a picture of the tourist with canyon in background is obligatory, of course.

Another variation.

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