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USA - NY to LA - 2001
Yosemite National Park

Photos from the park broschure
Mirror Lake on Tioga Pass (9945 ft) and a view of Half Dome (8835 ft) from on high.

Yosemite is pronounced Yo-sem'-e-tee
Please try to remember that. It's an Indian word and doesn't follow
normal American pronunciation rules - the few rules that there are.

Yosemite has been a National Park since 1890. It is an almost completely flat valley surrounded by high mountains the result of a moving glacier. Because of the form, natural air circulation is not capable of taking care of much auto exhaust. You are encouraged to park you car and walk or take the free shuttle buses.

We parked here and walked up to the foot of Bridal Vale Falls along with lots of other people. Yosemite Falls drops 2425 feet and the others are about the same.

I spent several summer vacations here and have a lot of memories of seeing deer and owls and foxes. I even met a bear here once when I was out walking our dog, Gay.

Fortunately the bear was as surprised as I was and it didn't run after me when I turned and ran as fast as my legs would carry me. The dog thought it was great fun.

The Merced River flows lazily through the valley surrounded by meadows which are full of deer in the evenings.

You are asked to keep to the roads and footpaths as there are just too many visitors and the ecology is very fragile.

Picture taking is always permitted of course.

These are ordinary pine trees but there are stands of giant sequoia trees in the park as well as outside in the wilderness area which surrounds the valley. They are the largest living things in the world.

The oldest of them in the Mariposa Grove, called Grizzly Giant is thought to be 2700 years old.

The sequoias are not the world's oldest trees however. Those are also to be found in California in the White Mountains to the east of the Sierra Nevadas.

Per waiting patiently for the photographs to be taken.


The water in the Merced is as clear as any I have ever seen. Like newly polished windows.

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© Per Thulin, © Ingrid Hansson
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