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USA - NY to LA - 2001

We drove up a hill . . .

...so we could drive down winding Lombard street from Russian Hill. It was raining so we didn't try to park and take pictures. This house is right up at the top of the street.

One of three remaining Cable Car lines. You just jump on and a man comes around to take payment later on. Can't be easy. Sometimes there are people packed on in layers.

Cable Cars are really quite perfect for a busy city line. It's too bad that newer transport forms don't offer the convenience they offer.

The heart of a Cable Car is the man at the spock.

The "cable" runs under the street and never stops. The "driver" uses the lever to grip the moving cable and lock the car to it. Other way around to stop the car. I expect the brakes are manual too. I saw no lighting on the cars and I don't think there is any electricity involved here except for the motor that drives the cable.

Notice the heavy gloves. This is surely a job that requires very strong hands.

There are other ways to get around today.

Golden Gate Bridge

Taking it easy.

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