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USA - NY to LA - 2001

This must be the promised land for electric sign firms.
Sorry you can't see all the blinking

We chose to stay at one of the big hotels for once in our lives. The Tropicana looked as good as any although they never took us for a ride in their stretch limo in shades of pink.

Dinner was Prime Rib. An American specialty which seem

The Tropicana didn't appear to be more expensive than an ordinary motel. But it
Everything cost extra that was always included at a motel. The thing that
got me was the miserable floor plan. There was just no way to figure out
where you were. Corridors branched out in every direction and turned corners
when you least expect it. They wouldn't have done it that way if they
knew how miserable a bad floor plan makes me feel.

It was, in any case, the only hotel room I have ever stayed in where I got my own safe.

Big gaming centers were full of restaurants but also fast food counters of different types.

As I said before when they run out of strange ideas then they just cover the house with gold. The house at the right is Harrah's which is one of the most famous gambling halls in Reno.

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