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USA - NY to LA - 2001

Yosemite Falls 2425 feet to the valley below.

Want a ride?.

We passed a burned area just outside the park. The ground is green again and quite a few trees have foliage left. Life is on its way back.

They don't fight forest fires in most places anymore. Forests have always burned and many plants are dependent on fire for renewal. Here in the park they even set them!

The giant sequoias, for instance, require the minerals that a fire leaves for their seeds to germinate and the new plants they must have sunlight to grow.

This is a picture of atypical California landscape from way back in my memory. Oak trees in the middle of yellow pastures. Still to be seen in a few places.

Somewhere between Yosemite and Modesto. We drove through an area with wind mills in all directions as far as the eye could see. You can see them all over the hills above - hundreds of little pins sticking up on the horizon.

A closer view of some of them.

Here is a picture of service at a service station. It still exists!

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© Per Thulin, © Ingrid Hansson
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