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USA - NY to LA - 2001

On our way west.
There was supposed to be a fixed rate for the taxi trip to Newark Airport but the driver delivered us to our rental car firm and wanted to be paid twice the rate. We should have insisted on being taken to the airport entrance. All rental firms have a free bus to your car.

Now we begin to take two hour turns at the wheel with navigation service by the other front seat passanger.

We drove west through New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Our first Motel was typical. Clean but not very fancy.

Mostly we took two rooms. Almost all motel rooms have two queen size beds. On a couple of occasions where the prices were higher we doubled up in one room. There was almost allways a TV, air conditioning and swimming pool, however small.

Motel Rates are about $45 to 65 and sometimes +$6
for each extra person in the room. It sometimes paid
to question the price. Average cost for the trip was
$21.50 per person and night.

William Penn's woodland paradise

This photo was taken on highway 655 through the Appalachian Mountians - also known as Amish country.

We missed market day in Belleville by one day. We did see some Amish in the fields here and there. It would have been interesting to get a chance to talk to some of them.

To the left and over the hills you see in the background is the site of the "fourth plane" that crashed on 11 september.
Apparently caused by a concerted heroic effort on the part of the passengers who knew about the fate of the World Trade Center.

(Taken from a moving car! Sometimes you get lucky)


The Amish put upp religious signs about every mile. Understandable - there are a lot of tourists driving through to possibly influence.

In the eastern states you quite often see a graveyard beside the road or in the middle of the town. No wall, no church, just suddenly there - always lots and lots of plastic flowers.

The towns in the valleys are pretty and even the small roads are good.

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© Per Thulin, © Ingrid Hansson
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