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USA - NY to LA - 2001

Driving on we visited the little "Swedish" town of Lindsborg, Kansas. The whole town is kind of Swedish decorated. This gift shop had lots of nice things as well as a Dala horse production.

You could buy a Dala horse in any size and decorate it yourself.

There was also a museum area with old houses and such.

We walked into the center for retired persons on the main street to see if we could find someone who spoke Swedish. We didn't find anyone but we found a whole lot of friendly retired persons playing cards and socializing.

The showed us a long row of excellent photos of the local citizens chosen as person of the year. All dressed in beautifully produced Swedish folk costumes.

Ann, Per and helpful local citizen
The The

This is something we did a lot of; eat ice cream whenever we found specialists. Here a Dairy Queen out along the highway to Colorado

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