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USA - NY to LA - 2001
The hospital helicopter is small and the patient's gurney is right beside the pilot's seat.

Lots of dials to keep track of. Not much like our car, Virginia who took care of most things all by herself.

The nurse rides in the back with the patient beside.

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Next stop Hannibal Missouri just across the Mississippi River from Quincy. Samuel Langhorne Clemens also known as Mark Twain wrote about Tom Sawyer and Huckelberry Finn and placed them here in his own home town. Many characters are based on his own childhood experiences

Huck Finn's home and Museum.
Photo from broschure

Here we are on an old street in Hannibal. On the right is the Becky Thatcher house and the J M Clemens Law Office where Mark Twain's father was justice of the peace in the 1840-ties.

We looked at the town and ate ice cream and bought souvenirs. The temperature that day was stifling and the streets looked deserted but the tourists turned out to be all indoors enjoying the ever present air conditioning.

As you might guess Hannibal has a Riverboat called Mark Twain. Back in the 1800's you would have heard "Mark Twain" called out every time the man on the deck measured two fathoms deep with the weighted rope he had hanging over the side.

We drove to Mark Twain Lake because it was so hot. It was extremely large but we found no access to the shore, no beaches, no boats. Primarily a water Reservoir apparently, it was full of floating logs and branches. Oh Well, you can't guess right every time.

Afterwards we drove from Paris to Mexico in half an hour!

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We drove on to Kansas City where we took few photos. We got off the motorway in the inner city in the late afternoon of a weekday. We needed to find an Internet Café and check for mail.

Photo from Kansas City's website

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