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USA - NY to LA - 2001

Moving on, we now and then passed huge Feed Lots like this one. I may be wrong but it
looks like the young cattle being fattened here have more room to move around then
they did 1973 when I last saw sights like this. This is, in any case, a picture of
the wild west year 2001!

These young steers had lots of room but they preferred to stick together anyway.

Lars tried communicating with them but they only spoke cow.

This airplane looked like it would like to communicate with us but the pilot was only doing his job - crop dusting at low height

When they build a silo in America they build it big. This was not the largest we saw. Just kind of normal. About 25 times the size of a normal Swedish silo.

I made this picture big so you could get something of the feel of driving through Kansas.
It was taken through the windshield - not much reason to stop - which is why the
reflections on the left. Most of the way I couldn't sleep in the car during the day
because I didn't want to miss anything - but here I could do it.

We did find one interesting stop - at a great big junk yard. Fascinating - all those big American cars that we only see as renovated classics. Around here the air is dry and old cars keep pretty well.

See anything you like? You can probably get it cheap.

More pictures of junk on the next page!

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© Per Thulin, © Ingrid Hansson
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