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USA - NY to LA - 2001

Next day we visited the US Airforce Academy near Colorado Springs. This church is open to the public and there are a lot of airplanes and/or models of airplanes to look at on the grounds.

By the way, I love the little baby clouds in the blue blue sky that seem to be characteristic of Colorado.

LeAnn looking at a model of a double tailed Lockheed P-38 from world war II.

I worked for Lockheed about 1953 to 58 as a Technical Illustrator but the P-38 had been replaced by a newer fighter by that time. I never dreamed that I would forget the number of that plane - but I have! Might have been P-51.

Interior view of the church.

View of the inside of the church

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The Pulpit kind of looks like it might take off whenever the sermon is powerfull enough.

The only lighting as far as I could see was daylight by way of all the little glass panels in the roof.


There was another church underneath the church shown above. Catholic I think. Very different atmosphere. It was being renovated the day we were there.

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