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USA - NY to LA - 2001

Jim and Paula Freeman loaned us their condo at Keystone - a ski resort on the main highway through the Rockies.

This is the postcard you can pick up there. There were lots of facilities - golf course and such. We found a theater and went to the movies before retiring to our comfortable beds.


Continental divide
at Loveland Pass where the rivers all start running west
instead of east. The Colorado River starts just north of here and runs all theway to the Gulf of California.

The great thing about this trip was all the really good places and occasions to sneak a little hug.

To the right you can see a truck ramp. Big heavy trucks loose braking power on occasion and such ramps are to be found on most downhill runs. The idea is to steer the truck up the hill to stop the runaway. There are also inspection stations which are manned now and then where trucks are pulled over for brake inspection and weighing.

We passed many many expensive vacation homes along highway 70.

The skiing is great here and the summer landscape magnificent. These buildings in Vail are condominiums. A strange word for a sort of centrally run collective of apartments with pool, etc which are often rented out when the owner is not there.

The highway through the Rockies was of excellent quality even where there were repairs going on. Here instead of rubber cones they use big metal drums. Maybe because you wouldn't want to ignore them.

This fire hydrant was twice as high as usual and also had a little flag jutting up into the air. Probably because they have a lot of snow here.

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