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USA - NY to LA - 2001

We stopped our car for this goat who felt like crossing the road in front of us. A flustered photographer cut off her horns what with the suddenness of it all.

Then just before the summit we saw a whole flock of Mountain Goats which allowed people to come pretty close before ambling off among the rocks. At this height it was tough keeping up because of the lack of oxygen.

According to my book, the Mountain Goat is a native of the Rocky Mountains from northern Washington State up to Alaska. It was introduced 1948-1972 to Colorado and they seem to be enjoying their stay.

These goats never go down below the tree line.

Both the males and females have horns and I couldn't tell them apart. This one seemed to be keeping watch over the little family group and led them away after a while.

Master photographer with goats in his sight... impervious to surroundings and possible personal danger from wild animals - sort of.

Per met this butterfly which posed prettily for his picture. Possibly of Papilionoidea family. Wow, a lot of p:s there.

©Ann Thulin ©Lars Thulin,
©Per Thulin, ©Ingrid Hansson
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