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USA - NY to LA - 2001

At Dinosaur Ridge you can also see a fossilized beach with ripples in the sand still preserved. It's hard to take in that this part of the Rockies was once a beach.

Back to the jeep for a short drive up to Red Rocks.


This is Denver's Hollywood Bowl offering music under the stars during the summer months in really beautiful surroundings.

The natural amphitheater is surrounded by - surprise! - huge red rocks.

The stage area appears to be technically well developed and there are huge parking lots.

Imagine sitting here on a summar night with the lights of Denver blinking in the background listening to live music and looking at the stars. Must be great.

We don't see many stars in Europe these days. Too many street lights.

Moving on we found a little wayside park where you could see dinosaur bones encased in the rocks.


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