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USA - NY to LA - 2001
Your typical USA biker. His parole is "I am invincible and can't ever get hurt"

Since he knows his head is real hard, he is not the least afraid of ending up in a wheelchair - or worse.

On the way up to the summit of Mt Evans there were thousands of motorcycles on the road - all newly polished and just cruising. We met this group at a stop and they told us that this was the yearly run up the mountain with the proceeds going to charity.


We happened upon Idaho Springs when we came down from Mt Evans and looked for a place to eat a late lunch.

We always ate lunch late.

There were lots of tourist shops and we did some shopping. Ingrid bought an eagle which followed us on our trip as an extra guardian angel - usually perched on the motel TV for the night.

Then we happened upon this Bar and Restaurant which didn't look too promising until you peeked in and saw that it was jammed with people. A good sign, so we went in and were fortunate enough to get a table right away. After us, a queue quickly built up.

The Buffalo, which also can be found in Denver, serves buffalo meat in all forms from hamburgers onwards. So we all ate buffalo and enjoyed it.

It was not the cheapest place in town but some things are worth splurging on - like great atmosphere combined with good food. Notice the daylight from above and hanging green plants in the picture on the next page. Can't beat that for creating atmosphere. You can never achieve the same with artificial light.

There are no wild buffalos - only on protected ranges and what we ate was raised especially for this restaurant.

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