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USA - NY to LA - 2001
Here you can see why it is probably called the Black Canyon of the Gunnison (river). The sun must only shine down there for a couple of hours a day.

More wildflowers. This looks very much like a member of the Erigeron species - a daisy. It is not white however which a daisy should be. So much for the "Rocky Mountain Wildflowers" book I bought. I never find anything in it.

This one I would like to have in my garden if that were possible.

If you are a European you immediately jump to the conclusion that the little red car is following tooo... close and that he had better watch out for the traffic police. Looking more closely you will find that the same tourist is driving both. He has the little car on a metal arm behind the camper. When he finds a good place for the camper then he can use the car to get around and not loose his place at the campgrounds. We saw lots of these.

I took this picture to illustrate the fact that in the US they still build houses of individual sticks of wood out on the site. I had read about this, of course, but hardly believed it. See for yourself.

In some places you could see dozens of tired horses fully saddled tied in the blazing sun waiting for the unwary tourist. The temperature was about 102 F.

Think of all the things that the modern citizen can complain of while nobody notices that they still burn marks on horses.

This fellow's name is 40. Very cool! We have, of course all previously heard of six and of seven of nine.

Pancakes with maple syrup and scrambled eggs with hash browns - American breakfast!

This flower I could halfway identify!

It's a paintbrush - but whether it is an "Indian" or a "Wyoming" paintbrush I couldn't tell you.

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