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Cliff Dwellings were carefully fortified. This little window between two groups of homes was too small for anyone to get through but it gave you a view of the next group.

Most dwellings had their own water supply consisting of rainwater that sifted naturally down through the ground above and was caught up in a shallow pool.

The holes in the floor, kivas, were once roofed.

Ann taking a picture through the hole in the wall. Lars has already taken his and looks contented

Passage between two departments was only possible way in behind the living quarters and they were easy to defend. Particularly broad shouldered attackers has no chance at all.

The open gate to the left is of much later date I think.

Across the canyon was a cliff dwelling that you were permitted to visit without cost or Ranger. There were many Rangers there, however. Also there was some excavation going on with a working archaeologist in place.

The kivas had religious functions as well as social.
People gathered in them for different meetings and ceremonies.

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