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USA - NY to LA - 2001

We found the Lake Mead Marina where we planned to eat our lunch.

This is a well organized and extremely large National Recreation Area now. Lots of boat harbors and beaches. It cost a little bit to drive in. National Parks and Recreation areas always cost a little money. If you travel around a lot as we did it pays to buy a season ticket. There is also a special lifetime ticket for pensioners which costs very little

We ate our lunch sitting on the Lake Mead Marina Terrace and threw crumbs to the fish.

Some years back somebody dumped some carp in Lake Mead, which is huge. It took a while but the lake apparently is pretty thick with these fish now

People feed the fish with bags of popcorn or whatever from the grocery store here. They swarmed around in great numbers. Lars thought maybe you could pet them but they haven't quite gotten that spoiled yet.

These ducks also came but they didn't have a chance.

You might have been able to walk on them if you spread out enough popcorn.

Taking a swim in Lake Mead later on we took out our snorkels for the first
time but we saw no fish at all. The water was pretty warm but at least it
was much cooler than the air.

The beach can't be compared to our beach here in Ängelholm but the idea was to cool off in the extreme heat that we experienced here.

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