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USA - NY to LA - 2001

I have a private theory that the Cliff Dwellers moved down here at least partially for the view. Most of us would like to live in a penthouse or with a view of the mountains.

Here is the view from the Dwelling we visited.

When we were finished looking at the living quarters we had to climb another really high ladder. Here you see Per taking the last step.

The Park Ranges had set up a sign telling us the name of this plant - Poison Ivy.

Good thing too. This is a native American plant which Europeans might not know about. I had completely forgotten what it looks like.

This was our next stop. Again a very hot day.

Here is one of the arches. Taken from down below where I chose not to go by one of our younger travelers. It was several miles down the side of the canyon and the sun was at its highest.

I stayed up on top and took some "art" pictures.

Here you see the same arch from up where I stood.

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