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USA - NY to LA - 2001

This nice broschure painting is by Roy Andersen

Typical landscape for cliff dwellings. There were a few smaller ones here which I can't even see now. Good reason to put your home here.

There are several dwellings which the public may visit carefully shepherded by a ranger. Shown here making sure that we all are capable of the climb. Several 4-year old were in our group and they made it so don't worry too much.

The tours cost money and you have to book. An hour or two ahead is usually enough. There are many things to see while you wait.

There was a double ladder on the way up. Everybody had a bottle of water and a camera with them.

I wonder what the yearly expenditure for photograph at a place like this would be - totally I mean.

Rangers keep their groups together and answer all your question. They also keep you from chipping off souvenirs and sitting on the fragile walls.

© Ann Thulin © Lars Thulin,
© Per Thulin,© Ingrid Hansson
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