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USA - NY to LA - 2001

There is a Russian district not far from where we are stayed - we passed a Russian Orthodox Church on Sunday morning.

Unfortunately we had no mobile phone. Fortunately - US phonecards work really well. Use them in the slot of a public phone or use them with an ordinary phone by punching in the card number. A recording tells you how much money is left and how long you can talk to the number dialed.

On the other telephone is a very pregnant muslim girl who arrived wearing inlines. There are all kinds and shapes when it comes to people in New York . . .

Lasse tried above to call KLM about our waylaid luggage but got to talk to a recording.

These people passed my window or waited for the bus across the street from me. I think the man at the right was making a protest, unless of course he really had just arrived from Viet Nam. I suspect that he just hated the big dumpy shoes the others wore as much as I did.


Lars and Per discuss how New York streets are organized with a transport polis woman.

Some streets were really charming. There were even parking spaces here!

There were lots of artists doing their best to sell their wares on the sidewalks near Washington Square.

The bus stop across the street from my window with children waiting for the city bus or for private school busses. Most wore uniform clothing. These boys were in black and white.

Each building has a house man who took out the trash in black bags. They hung out together in groups on street corners most of the day - bringing their chairs out on the sidewalk.

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© Per Thulin, © Ingrid Hansson
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