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USA - NY to LA - 2001

I visited The American Craft Museum across the street from MOMO (The Modern Museum) where there was a Frank Lloyd Wright exhibition of glass light screens which I enjoyed very much. Read more on their website.

Frank Lloyd Wright never used curtains in his houses. Instead he designed "light screens" for the windows. This exhibition had many of these original windows, sketches and in some cases copies of windows. Once again no cameras allowed. These pictures are from the broschure.

Frank Lloyd Wright was born 1867 and died 1959. He is certainly USA's most famous architect. Besides the Guggenheim Museum he built many private homes and a lot of them are now open to visitors. The most famous of these may be "Falling Water" in western Pennsylvania which is a very popular tourist attraction these days. The house is built right on top of a waterfall.



On exhibition at the Craft Museum were also paper versions of famous buildings - Architectural Origami, shown lit up from behind. They were created by Prof. Masahiro Chatani, Ms Keiko Nakazawa and Mr. Takaaki Kihara.

Very interesting for me - but there was no program and these pictures are from the museum website. You can see in the first example how the globe opens as you open the paper. The second is a representation of Sydney's famous Opera House.


This building was close by. I haven't been able to find out anything about it yet. Interesting and appropriate between it's two plain faced neighbors.

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