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USA - NY to LA - 2001

On some streets the cars were double parked. Who knows how that worked - an unofficial attendent possibly.

Another public/private garden...

Here are some of the janitors/house men who hung out on our street corner. They kept track of everything that happened. When asked if they would keep a lookout for our baggage delivery truck they were very helpfull.

They were always well dressed. Most had a new outfit every day and used mobiles.

Early in the morning some of them took their chairs and sat on the corner across the street to catch some morning sun. In the afternoon they sat on our side of the street. Sometimes as many as 10 to 12 men gathered - a couple in wheelchairs. A kind of Spontaneous Day Center

The man with the dark shirt is Butch who was our house man.

A little closer to Wall Street you could see well dressed employees smoking on the street outside their buildings. This couple worked in the World Trade Center which had its own giant steel ashtray on the sidewalk outside.

One of the World Trade Center towers. A beautiful picture of a beautiful building -
which no longer exists! Incredible and dreadful. Our hearts go out to the many
victims and to the American people and to all peoples in free countries who base
their societies on trust and love. We have all lost something valuable. I pray we will
find a way to get it back again.

There were lots of tourists on top of the building and we were all really enjoying ourselves.
All kinds of languages were being spoken and people asked strangers to take a picture
of them at this place. I was amazed at how little fencing there was. I can't remember any
guards being there. It felt like any private balcony. We felt trusted.

View towards the north and the Empire State building

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© Per Thulin, © Ingrid Hansson
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