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USA - NY to LA - 2001

We visited the Guggenheim Museum near Central Park and saw an exhibition of the work of Architect Frank O. Gehry who is pretty popular at the moment.

The building - by Frank Lloyd Wright - should not be missed.

Lars and Per taking a rest outside the museum. There are two Guggenheims in New York but we didn't realize that in time to take in the other one also.

As soon as we came in they took my camera away from me so I wouldn't take any pictures and sell them and get really rich.

Therefor I am forced to borrow some photos from their website - only so you can see that a visit to the site would be interesting. Take a look...

This view of the interior with roof I wasn't permitted to take. The idea is that you take the elevator up and then walk down in a spiral and look at the exhibition along the outer wall.

There are also Guggenheim Museums in Berlin, Bilbao and Venice

This is one of the borrowed photos. A view of the new museum in Bilbao by Frank O. Gehry. This new architecture is quite economical in spite of being very expensive because the visitors come in droves.

Now, new and cheaper ways to produce titanium facade material will make these free form buildings more and more popular - so get ready!

The above borrowed photo shows a model of the Gehry building being built in Los Angeles.

This was one of the New York exhibition models - photo also borrowed. My thoughts go out to the builders and the person who gets to do the drawings!

© Ann Thulin © Lars Thulin,
© Per Thulin, © Ingrid Hansson
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