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USA - NY to LA - 2001

Some streets::: were really charming. There were even

Some streets::: were really charming. There were even parking spaces here

The garbage trucks were mostly forced to double-park. Passing traffic waited patiently - used to the inconvenience

We were two blocks from a fire station and the fire trucks screamed by often - capable of a level of noise far above anything I have ever heard before.

Once they stopped close by and the fireman rushed in with axes on high but came out looking disappointed. 'There are a lot of false alarms' one of the onlookers told me.

This man carried his child in a large sling on his back every morning.

We lived just under the "L" in East Village

There was an ordinary supermarket on the next corner but there were countless places to shop that were more fun - like here.

In New York air conditioning is very desirable and often takes the form of individual little boxes in windows as you can see on this building.

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